HomeBase Benefits Exclusively for Members

Home sellers and purchasers are entitled to sizable discounts on most services associated with a home sale or purchase. HomeBase participating professionals include Real Property Attorneys, Realtors®, Mortgage Lenders and others who agree to discount their professional service fees in order to participate. HomeBase members are also entitled to discounts from local and national vendors via HomeBase services.

HomeBase Contract

No Cost Legal Representation

Service Benefits
Group Legal Services1
  • Legal representation at no cost when selling or buying a home 1
  • Selection from among hundreds of the most qualified, pre-screened local real estate Attorneys
House Homebase

Expert Real Estate Professionals

Service Benefits
Local Brokerage Services
  • Administrative fees waived for HomeBase Members
  • Selection among the area's most successful Realtors® including many national brokerage firms
Lender Services2
  • Application fees waived for HomeBase Members
  • Selection from among the area's most reputable Lenders
Homebase Mortgage

Home Seller / Purchaser Services

Service Benefits
Land Survey
  • Discounted Property Survey
Property Inspection
  • Discounted Property Inspection Reports
Estate Planning Consultation
  • Complimentary Consultation on the Tax
    Consequences of selling a home or purchasing one
Home Warranties3
  • Discounted Home Warranties
Market Analysis
  • Realistic Current Home Values based on recent home sales
Total Possible Savings $2,000 +

1 HomeBase's No-Cost Group Legal Services requires attorney delivery title services or the utilization of services provided by an HomeBase recommended Lender or Realtor®. HomeBase adheres to the 65-year-old Bar Related® title mission in which title examination is an important element of independent legal representation.

2 Additional Lender discounts offered will vary and can be compared for maximum value.

3 Some Participating Realtors® agree to absorb the cost of Home Warranty as a part of their discount package.