Employers & Groups

Why Should HomeBase be an Employee Benefit?

Because employees don’t merely shop employers. They shop benefits. HomeBase gives you a real competitive advantage for recruiting new employees and keeping them.

Why are HomeBase Services Valued by Employees?

The home represents the typical family’s greatest financial asset. The home sale and purchase process is fraught with potential pitfalls that are best addressed by a competent attorney who concentrates in real property law.

HomeBase membership assures employees that they will receive the most complete and professional legal representation at no additional cost and with no hidden charges.

What is HomeBase?

HomeBase™ is a value added consumer-driven Benefit Program that facilitates “one-stop shopping” and provides substantial cost savings for Home Purchasers and Home Sellers. The HomeBase Benefits Package is only available through participating Employers, Affinity Groups, Unions and Trade Associations.

What are the benefits?

Home Sellers and Purchasers are entitled to sizable discounts on most services associated with a home sale or purchase. HomeBase participating professionals include Real Property Attorneys, Realtors®, Mortgage Lenders and others who agree to discount their professional service fees in order to participate. HomeBase Members are also entitled to discounts from participating Neighborhood Businesses.

What are some specific examples of discounts?

The family home today typically represents one of the largest assets and one of the greatest financial transactions that individuals have in a lifetime. The myriad of legal, tax and related questions surrounding a home sale or purchase are best protected by retention of a competent attorney who concentrates in real property law. HomeBase participants are fully represented by selecting one of hundreds of local real estate lawyers. Other closing related discounts [i.e. mortgage, survey, warranty, etc.] approximate $2,000 depending on services utilized. In addition to home closing related discounts, please refer to the Benefits Page for a regularly updated comprehensive list of Homeowner Benefits.

What are the costs to participate?

There is no cost to participating Members.

What are the quality assurances of program participants?

All HomeBase Service Providers are licensed and insured. Their references are carefully checked and they must meet the HomeBase Satisfied Client Standards.

Why would experienced and successful professionals discount their service fees?

The emerging trend toward e-commerce and one-stop shopping is rapidly changing the traditional delivery mechanism of professional service providers. By aligning themselves with groups such as HomeBase  with web based communication tools, these professionals are assured of being an integral part of the changing business paradigm. By “bundling” closing related services, economies of scale are attained allowing consumers considerable savings and still sufficiently profitable to participating professionals.