Supporting Neighborhood Events

Niego Real Estate’s ‘Operation Red, White, & Blue’

To celebrate Independence Day, Niego Real Estate has been passing out American flags to the Chicago neighborhoods of Garfield Ridge and Clearing for the past 26 years. Joe Niego, founder and owner of Niego Real Estate, started ‘Operation Red, White, & Blue’ back in 1992.

Today, with the help of Paul Hendershott, co-owner of Niego Real Estate, they continue the tradition. Thanks to volunteers from the Garfield Ridge and Clearing neighborhoods and the Niego Real Estate staff, Joe and Paul are able to distribute over 18,000 flags!

“This year, we remember those men and women in uniform, at home and abroad, who currently protect our freedom, and to our veterans who have given so much in the past. We feel privileged to be able to honor them.” –Joe Niego